Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I just came across a small sliver of paper that I had used as a bookmarker during this past semester of substituting.  I actually had about three of these that I moved from book to book, only retiring them when there were fully covered in scrawled notes to myself recounting my favorite overheard exchanges between students.  Once I learned to laugh with the kids, the job got a whole lot cooler.  

Here's what was written on this one, with some minor embellished details that I couldn't fit on the paper at the time, but remember somewhat clearly:

"Yo, don't mess with that turtle.  He bite you."
"Ain't no turtle gonna bite me."
"Yo, I'm telling you.  I got bit by a turtle once.  That's why I'm always biting my nails."
"'Cause a turtle bit me!"

"Um, we looking for some geese. [Points to ditto.] That a geese."
"They all geese."
"Well that a geese that chase you."

"Where's your homework?"
"Oh, you know...I just came off being sick and my eyes ain't working right and all..."

"Damn yo - I'd hate to be an animal.  Lying around all day, doing nothing, waiting to be fed.  Damn, yo."

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Erin said...

Hahaha, oh man. The turtle one is almost profound!
I'll share one from a video gaming program I run at the library.
Two male twelve-year-olds:
#1: Oh yeah? Well, my friend has been playing Guitar Hero on expert since he was 4.
#2: Guitar Hero hasn't even been out that long.
#1: My friend is 5.

I lost my shit. I had to leave the room, I was laughing so hard.